Intrigued by the world of investing and private equity? Interested in strategy? Looking for a starters position at the highest level?

HAL Investments offers outstanding graduates a great opportunity as Associate in the investment team. You will get an unmatched level of responsibility, will be involved in strategic and financial analyses and will work with top management from our portfolio and target companies.

Next to ‘learning on the job’ we provide hard and soft skill trainings through which you will experience strong personal growth.

It is not a must to have a financial background, but you need to have analytical/quantitative skills and affinity with finance. Members of our team have a broad range of backgrounds ranging from Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Econometrics and Economics.

Our team consists of around 15 Associates in the age of 22 – 30 and around 10 Investment Managers and Directors. Working in small project teams means that you can make a real impact.

As an Associate you will have excellent career perspectives. After 4 years there is the opportunity to do a secondment at one of our portfolio companies (in the Netherlands or abroad) or you may be eligible to pursue an MBA at one of the international top universities.

Hereafter Associates are promoted to the role of Investment Manager or proceed their career in management or business development roles in the portfolio or outside HAL.

We only recruit graduates but we are interested to get to know you at an earlier stage of your studies through one of our events.

Recruitment Procedure

Curious what it is like to work at the highest level of strategy, finance and business? And interested to experience our no-nonsense culture, our team spirit and the challenges you will meet as an Associate? We offer two exclusive events: the Masterclass (only Master students) and the Private Equity Game (Bachelor and Master students).

Send your resume and grade lists (both university and pre-university) and if you meet the selection criteria you will be invited for an interview at our office.

To send your application or for more information please contact our Recruitment Officer: Monique Jansen,